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Looking for somewhere to store all your extra belongings in Medicine Hat or Redcliff?

Clutter be gone!
Extra Storage serves all your storing needs
We offer various options for storage units at our facilities to accommodate small to large needs. Select your size based on how much you plan on storing.Keep in mind, you can move into larger or smaller units at any time considering we offer a month to month service. Our facilities have 24-hour security surveillance, 24-hour access, and 24-hour ability to rent or make payments.There is no heating, insulation, or electrical in our units yet.Vehicle storage is also available
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In today's fast-paced world, cluttered rooms are common. We are always on the run from one thing to the next, and if we forget to tackle the clutter at home, it can build up into a stressful and tedious task. This may implore you to just forget about it by literally and figuratively "sweeping it under the rug". However, Extra Storage has made it quick and painless to tackle the job so you can enjoy the full breadth of your home!
Our storage units come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate your belongings, and we give you the freedom of handling and managing your belongings with self-storage units in Medicine Hat and Redcliff. To make it even easier, you can see what we have available, find the right size of the unit(s), and book online right here from our site!

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Medicine Hat Address: 1124 Brier Park Rd NW, Medicine Hat, AB T1C 0B7

Redcliff Address: 45 Industrial Dr SE, Redcliff, AB, T0J 2P0

Phone: (403) 527-8504

Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Email: information@extrastorage.org

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